NFL Schedule Week 14

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots, 8:30p.m. EST


Oh boy, another developing rivalry with a little bit of bad blood. The Ravens have recently knocked the Patriots out of the playoffs (with some emphasis) and accused them of bending the rules a bit too far. These teams do not care for each other, at all, and it makes for some great football. Get your popcorn ready.

Keys to the Game


Traveling to New England is never fun for any opponent and it only gets worse as the season goes on. Baltimore is going to need to get pressure on Tom Brady to win this one. New England has too many offensive weapons to try and take them away, so they’ll have to focus on Brady. The Patriots’ offensive line has been a weakness in recent years which benefits the Ravens big time.

New England

The Patriots should do what they do best, let Brady go to work. The Ravens secondary is less than stellar and Tom Brady knows exactly how to take advantage of that. Dissecting the Baltimore secondary is New England’s quickest and most effective path to victory in this one.