NFL Schedule Week 14

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants, 8:30p.m. EST



Round two of this NFC East rivalry and in prime time. Eli and Romo go toe to toe as each team attempts to lock up the division title. You don’t need me to spell out why there’s no love lost between these two teams. Settle in and enjoy a Sunday night treat.

Keys to the Game


Like most games, Dallas will be doing their best to protect Tony Romo. Unlike most games, they’ll be facing one of the fiercest pass rushes that the NFL has to offer. Jason Pierre-Paul (no matter how many fingers he has) and Olivier Vernon will have one mission tonight and that will be to take Tony Romo out of the game — not necessarily literally, but it wouldn’t be the first time Romo’s gotten hurt. We saw how bad Dallas is without their leader in 2015, this is far and away the most important issue for them to address in this game.

New York Giants

While Dallas does their best to protect Romo, the Giants will be doing their best to get to him. The Cowboys are so bad without Romo that it’s laughable, so if New York can render him ineffective, they’ll have this game essentially locked up. On offense they shouldn’t have much trouble moving the ball through to Beckham and Shepard. Scoring early and forcing Dallas to play from behind will only help their game plan.